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Climate Change Solutions

Like you've never seen before.


Environmental Solutions. Economic Prosperity. Engineered Performance.

The Continu Climate Change strategy is based on proven, high performance operating technology, unprecedented experience and in-depth planning to make our clients winners. Cap and Trade legislation, energy conservation and efficiency, waste management, clean energy and fuel switching (replacing fossil fuels) and sustainability strategies are all connected and make for a comprehensive approach in reducing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and improving the balance sheet. Continu has a proven system for working with our clientele; bring the best knowledge forward, applying the best approaches and technologies to solve climate change quickly and efficiently.

What Matters To Us


The world is changing. We need answers and plans to meet the growing needs of a sustainable planet.

Climate Change is forcing all of us to rethink, adapt and modify our present and futures plans. Business and government must lead the way; Continu has the solutions to turn Climate Changes issues into business opportunities.

Continu has developed a business model that manages a variety of climate change issues; methane, energy-from-waste, heat recovery, strategy & consulting to make business a success as we transition to a cleaner world.

The Continu team understands that it takes a comprehensive and focused approach to creating the right solutions and incorporating significant value for stakeholders. Our approach is to engage the best talent for the job at hand and focus on getting an action plan that works.

Exciting things are about to happen.